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5th & Hill Neighborhood Community Meeting Featuring Nationally-Renowned Environmental Experts

 On 10/4/2010, the 5th & Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign held a special community meeting featuring nationally renowned environmental experts. The meeting was an opportunity for residents and concerned community members to hear from these national experts about the 5th & Hill toxic site and what it means for groundwater in the area, and for the health and safety of residents.

Meeting Materials:

News Coverage:

The experts are Robert Bowcock of Integrated Resources Management and Mark Zeko of Environmental Engineering and Contracting, Incorporated.

At this meeting Mr. Bowcock and Mr. Zeko will discussed:
–    Testing and historical research that they have conducted, including testing of residents’ homes for toxic vapors
–    What work they will conduct in the future
–    The city of Champaign’s groundwater ordinance and how it affects the clean-up of the toxic site and the neighborhood
–    Hold a question & answer session

• Robert Bowcock – Robert W. Bowcock founded Integrated Resource Management, LLC in
1997. He is a licensed California Grade V Water Treatment Operator and maintains various
other water industry licenses. He routinely provides expert witness work to legal firms in
the specific area of water resource management.

• Mark Zeko –  Mr. Zeko is highly regarded as an expert in vapor intrusion and
groundwater assessment, protection, and remediation. Mr. Zeko is licensed as a
Professional Geologist and/or Hydrogeologist in California, Arizona, Washington,
Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alaska,
as well as Certified Professional Geologist by the American Institute of Professional

Click here to download the meeting flyer. 

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