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5th & Hill Neighborhood Community Meeting Featuring Nationally-Renowned Environmental Experts

 On 10/4/2010, the 5th & Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign held a special community meeting featuring nationally renowned environmental experts. The meeting was an opportunity for residents and concerned community members to hear from these national experts about the 5th & Hill toxic site and what it means for groundwater in the area, and for the health and safety of residents.

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The experts are Robert Bowcock of Integrated Resources Management and Mark Zeko of Environmental Engineering and Contracting, Incorporated.

At this meeting Mr. Bowcock and Mr. Zeko will discussed:
–    Testing and historical research that they have conducted, including testing of residents’ homes for toxic vapors
–    What work they will conduct in the future
–    The city of Champaign’s groundwater ordinance and how it affects the clean-up of the toxic site and the neighborhood
–    Hold a question & answer session

• Robert Bowcock – Robert W. Bowcock founded Integrated Resource Management, LLC in
1997. He is a licensed California Grade V Water Treatment Operator and maintains various
other water industry licenses. He routinely provides expert witness work to legal firms in
the specific area of water resource management.

• Mark Zeko –  Mr. Zeko is highly regarded as an expert in vapor intrusion and
groundwater assessment, protection, and remediation. Mr. Zeko is licensed as a
Professional Geologist and/or Hydrogeologist in California, Arizona, Washington,
Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alaska,
as well as Certified Professional Geologist by the American Institute of Professional

Click here [8] to download the meeting flyer.