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Community Education Meeting: The Health Exchange in Illinois

On Wednesday, August 24, 2011, CCHCC held a community education meeting on the health exchange in Illinois. National health reform legislation became law in March 2010, and various components of the law are being enacted on an on-going basis. One key component of national health reform, which will be enacted in 2014, is the health insurance exchange. The health insurance exchange, also known as the competitive health care market place, is a tool consumers use to purchase health insurance. Health insurance plans in the exchange are regulated by the government and must meet certain standards of coverage and quality.

The meeting featured Frank Kisner from the Illinois Department of Insurance, who provided the community with important information on the health exchange in the state of Illinois.

At this meeting we discussed:

•    Facts about the health exchange in IL.
•    Coverage levels in the exchange.
•    The status of the development of the health insurance exchange in Illinois.
•    Advocacy efforts around the exchange.
•    How you can take action!
Materials from the meeting:

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