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Insurance Rate Increase Press Conference

CCHCC will be held a press conference on Thursday, March 10 at 2 p.m. at our office to announce the filing of a complaint against our health insurance company, Personal Care, with the Illinois Department of Insurance. We are filing the complaint because of unnecessarily high, double-digit, premium rate increases.

We also announced that CCHCC would like to hear from individuals, businesses, and non-profits who have also experienced double-digit rate increases in their premiums, and we will help them to file complaints as well.

The Illinois Department of Insurance has stated that they want to hear from consumers who have had double-digit premium increases in their health insurance. This information will be reviewed and tracked while the Department works on creating rules and legislation allowing for regulation of health insurers premium increases in the state of Illinois.

Unfair and unjustified insurance premium rate increases are damaging to individuals, small businesses, and non-profits in our community and across the state. CCHCC is a perfect case in point of why Illinois needs state regulations to curb harmful and discriminatory insurance practices and rate increases. CCHCC has  seen double digit premium increases every year over the last 4 years, with an average of 24.39% annually.

Click here to download CCHCC’s flyer on filing a health insurance complaint. 

Click here to download CCHCC’s complaint.

Click here to read the News-Gazette story on the complaint. 

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