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Proposed Student Housing in the 5th & Hill Neighborhood

ATTENTION Neighborhood Residents

The City of Champaign is considering a plan to allow a major student housing development in this neighborhood, called the Latitude Development.

Please see the handouts below to see what it will look like.


The proposed “Latitude Development” would:

  • Provide housing to 550 students in 334 apartment units;
  • Build 4 large apartment buildings (2 on University Ave.and 2 on Park St.);
  • Build 4 new parking lots, including one on Church Street;
  • Cast a shadow over parts of the neighborhood, increase traffic and congestion, remove green space from the neighborhood, and raise the costs of living in the neighborhood; and,
  • Do nothing to improve the lives of neighborhood residents.
latitude development proposal

Please plan to attend these two upcoming events to learn more and to voice your opinion!


Thursday, January 9 at 6p.m.

Public Meeting at Salem Baptist Church (500 E. Park Street) for City Staff to present their recommendation about the plan and take questions from the audience.


Wednesday, February 5 at4 p.m.

Public Hearing at the City of Champaign building to give input on the Latitude Planned Development proposal. This is the LAST CHANCE for residents of the neighborhood and Champaign to give input!

The Planning Commission is still meeting on Wednesday, January 15 at 4 p.m. but they will not be holding the Public Hearing component until February 5, as the City is awaiting additional information.


For more information, orto RSVP, please contact:

The 5th & Hill Neighborhood Rights Campaign

c/o Claudia Lennhoff at (217) 352-6533 or


Download the 5th & Hill flyer (pdf)


Download the Inquiry Fact Sheet (pdf)


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