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CCHCC Victories: Four Decades of Change

CCHCC celebrates our victories each year at our Annual Awards Dinner, held in early spring. At the dinner we honor volunteers, activists, health care providers, and legislators who have shown leadership and commitment to health care justice and access. Click here [1] to learn more about the Annual Awards Dinner.


Champaign County Health Care Consumers (CCHCC), a grassroots citizen action organization, was founded in 1977. CCHCC’s mission is dedicated to: a) giving consumers a voice in the health care system, and b) quality,affordable health care for all.

CCHCC carries out its mission through consumer education, advocacy, and community organizing. It is through community organizing that CCHCC has achieved its most stunning victories. Below is a review of CCHCC’s victories spanning four decades.





Download this document as a PDF here. [2]