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CCHCC Annual Awards Dinner

Each year in early spring, CCHCC staff, volunteers,activists, and members come together and celebrate the victories achieved over the last year. At the dinner we honor volunteers, activists, health care providers, and legislators who have shown leadership and commitment to Health Care justice and access. The Annual Awards Dinner is usually attended by over200 community members each year.

CCHCC’s next Annual Awards Dinner will be on Friday, April 13, 2018. Save the date!

Check out the Annual Awards Dinner from previous years…

2017 Dinner
2016 Dinner
2015 Dinner

2014 Dinner

2013 Dinner

2012 Dinner
2011 Dinner
2010 Dinner
2009 Dinner
2008 Dinner
2007 Dinner
2006 Dinner
2005 Dinner
2004 Dinner
2003 Dinner

Click here to read about the namesakes behind CCHCC’s honorary tables, awards, and funds.

Click here to view the 40th anniversary slideshow, from the 2017 CCHCC Annual Awards Dinner. 

Click here to view the 20th anniversary slideshow, from the 1997 CCHCC Annual Awards Dinner.


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