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Access to Care

Access PetitioningCCHCC believes that health care is a basic human right and everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care. Currently, however, we are experiencing a massive access to care crisis in Champaign County as tens of thousands of people are locked out of the health care system, despite our County’s ample supply of health care providers.

Approximately 40% of the residents of Champaign County (more than 70,000 people) are directly affected by this crisis. Those affected include the following: a) low-income uninsured; b) people with Medicaid insurance; and c) uninsured and insured people with significant medical debt owed to Carle Clinic and Christie Clinic.

The crisis is primarily a result of the local physician clinics’ policies and practices that deny, limit, or price out of reach health care appointments and services to these groups.

CCHCC is leading a community organizing campaign to develop a lasting solution to the crisis of health care access in Champaign County. CCHCC’s community organizing effort brings together affected consumers, concerned community members, community “stakeholders” and leaders, elected officials, and health care providers.