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Women’s Health

Champaign County Health Care Consumers has always been dedicated to women’s health and has a long track record of organizing for women’s reproductive rights and health care. Recent community organizing efforts have focused on access to affordable prescription contraceptives, and currently focus on access to Emergency Contraception.

RosieIn2001, CCHCC organized the Women’s Health Task Force (WHTF) to work for contraceptive coverage in local employees’ health plans. In 2002, the WHTF’s efforts resulted in the enactment of a free oral contraceptive program for UIUC employees. In 2003, the WHTF worked with other organizations across the state to pass the Illinois Contraceptive Coverage Law that requires health insurance plans in Illinois with prescription coverage to cover all forms of prescription contraceptives.

Since May of 2004, the WHTF has been working on the Campaign for Access to Emergency Contraception (EC). The Campaign for Access to EC is a grassroots organizing effort dedicated to ensuring access to EC for women of all ages, and works for policy changes at the local, state, and national levels to improve access to EC.

ECis a safe and effective form of back-up birth control that can prevent pregnancy if taken within 120 hours of unprotected sex, contraceptive failure,or sexual assault. Please read through our information to find out more about EC and how to get involved in the Campaign!

Campaign to Access Emergency Contraception

Access to Emergency Contraception


– Tons of great information about EC and where to access it all across the country. Information also available in several other languages.– A link to the national Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign. A great site to learn more about EC and get ideas for EC activisim!

http://www.Planned– The website of local Planned Parenthood of Illinois. They provide health services and advocacy, and are a local point of access for Emergency Contraception. – A link to the Reproductive Health Technologies Project. They have lots of great information about EC, as well as other women’s health issues.