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Dental Access

Access to affordable dental care for low-income adults has been identified as a top health care problem in Champaign County by every major community needs assessment. CCHCC is leading the organizing and collaboration efforts to expand dental access for adults in Champaign County.

CCHCC has a long track record of community organizing to expand access to dental care for children as well as adults. CCHCC worked with local dentists to establish the Dental Referral Program in 1992. CCHCC’s research and organizing in 2001 were also instrumental in the creation of the highly successful Child Dental Access Program that is funded through the Champaign County Public Health Department and provides free dental care to low-income Champaign County children.

Dental AccessCCHCC worked with Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, Carle Foundation Hospital, Provena Covenant Medical Center, and affected consumers to expand access to affordable dental care for low-income adults and adults with Medicaid insurance through the Adult Dental Access Partnership.

By organizing affected consumers, and working collaboratively with dental professionals, health care providers, social service organizations, and others, CCHCC is continually working to expand affordable access to dental care for Champaign County residents.



Oral Health and Dental Access in Champaign County: A Report by Champaign County Health Care Consumers – February 2007 (pdf)

Grassroots and Community Involvement in Creating the Champaign County Child Dental Access Program