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Take action TODAY for legislation to lower prescription drug prices!

llinois patients and seniors need your help to lower prescription drugs. Drug companies are making huge profits by hiking up the prices on prescription drug

A recent poll showed that in Illinois, 27% of families said they had skipped filling a prescription in the last year because of the high costs of prescriptions.

In Illinois, we have an unprecedented opportunity to pass legislation that would create greater oversight and transparency on drugs, and that would help reduce the cost of drugs.
That is why CCHCC is joining the fight for affordable prescription drugs.

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Families USA Health Action Conference 2019 – Recap #1

From Chris Garcia, CCHCC Community Health Worker

One of the most impactful workshops I attended during Families USA was about Medicaid waivers and work requirements. We already know that waivers allow Medicaid to expand services that would not be normally covered. We see this primarily in Substance Use cases where the patient can receive care for detox and continue to receive care for counseling and other services that they might require. During the workshop we heard from representatives from Kentucky, Arkansas, and Washington DC. The one that stuck out the most was the representative from Arkansas. One of the models that they looked at was from Indiana and it was pitched as “The roadmap on how NOT to do it”. Indiana being a neighbor to Illinois really stuck out once I heard about all of the roadblocks that they face by implementing work requirements.

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What we learned in Washington, DC at the annual Families USA Health Action Conference

In late January 2019, several CCHCC staff members traveled to Washington, DC to attend the annual Health Action Conference put on by Families USA. The staff members who attended are: Chris Garcia, Adani Sanchez, Ashley Buckley, Paulette Colemon-Peeples, and Claudia Lennhoff.

CCHCC staff who attended the conference came back inspired, informed, and ready to put to work the things that we learned at the conference.

Each staff member will provide a write-up here to share with you the most interesting and important things that they learned, so please check back to see the write ups as they get posted. Thank you to everyone who helped support our travel to Washington, DC for this important conference.

To learn more about what kinds of topics were discussed, speakers, and workshops at the conference, you can visit the conference website here.