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Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare 100/Plus Discount Program
Commonly Asked Questions

1) What is the Medicare 100/Plus Discount Program?

The Medicare 100/Plus Program is a free,community program that assists eligible Medicare beneficiaries to pre-qualify for and receive discounts on health care services provided by Presence Covenant Medical Center (formerly known as Provena).

2) What medical costs does the Medicare100/Plus Discount Program discount apply to?

The Medicare 100/Plus Program member discount applies to bills from Presence Health, Pro Ambulance, East Central Illinois Radiology, Shemauger Emergency Physicians, American Anesthesiology,Alverno Labs, Presence Medical Group Physicians and other local independent physicians.

3) What are the eligibility requirements for the Medicare 100/Plus Discount Program?

Eligibility for the Medicare 100/Plus Discount Program is based on two factors: 1) Medicare status and 2) Household Income.

Medicare – People who have Medicare Part A & B due to age or disability are eligible for the program.

Income – Your annual household income is less than $72,360 for one person or $97,4400 for two people (for 2017). Larger households are also eligible; please contact CCHCC for further information.

4) Why it there a distinction between Medicare 100 and Plus?

The Medicare 100/Plus member discount is based on annual household income. Medicare 100 offers a 100% discount to Medicare beneficiaries with lower income levels. Medicare Plus offers sliding scale discounts of 75%, 80%, or 90%.

5) How do I know what discount level I will qualify for?

The same application is used for all levels of discounts. Champaign County Health Care Consumers will help you to apply.Presence Covenant then reviews your application and makes the determination of what level of discount you qualify for based on your household income.

6) Does it cost anything to join the Medicare 100/Plus Program?

No. It is free!

7) Is there a deadline for enrolling in the program?

No. There is open year-round enrollment, which means that you can apply at any time. Membership must be renewed every six months. CCHCC contacts members when it is time for them to renew their membership. The program can also help with past bills if you would have been eligible at the time of service.

8) Is this an HMO or insurance plan?

No. This is an assurance program, NOT insurance. With Medicare 100/Plus, you have the assurance that your hospital costs at Presence Covenant Medical Center will be affordable.

9) What if I have Medicare and an Advantage Plan?

You can still join Medicare 100/Plus, ifyou qualify, and the providers are IN NETWORK with your Advantage plan. Contact CCHCC for more information.

10) What if I have Medicare and supplemental insurance?

You can still join Medicare 100/Plus, ifyou qualify! Since Medicare 100/Plus is not insurance, it will not interfere with your supplemental insurance, but it will discount your out-of-pocket medical expenses.

11) Are other hospitals part of the Medicare100/Plus Discount Program?

No. Medicare 100/Plus is a collaboration between Presence Covenant Medical Center and Champaign County Health Care Consumers. However, if you are a patient of Presence United Samaritans Medical Center in Danville, you may also be able to qualify for a discount for some of your out-of-pocket medical expenses. Contact CCHCC for more information.

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