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Families USA Health Action Conference 2019 – Recap #3

from Ashley Buckley, CCHCC Organization and Data Coordinator

My first time joining CCHCC to Families USA was amazing! I am so happy to be a part of an organization that advocates within local community health care and also at a national level.

While there I was able to engage in several seminars and listen to powerful presenters. Their messages were inspiring and empowering. During A View from the Hill, I heard from Senator’s offices on measures they are taking to create bipartisan comprehensive prescription legislation that would lower drug prices nationwide.

I also attended a few seminars that elaborated how nonprofits should operate with data. It is good to know that we here at CCHCC have taken the initiative to include technology/data to show our impact within the community.

There was one message that came through clear. Women are leading the way; we are honing our skills and making effective decisions towards change. I was so blessed to spend my first time at Families USA with a group of women that embody passion and determination to lead the conversation for health care.