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Medicaid Redeterminations – CCHCC is here to help

August 8, 2023

Do you have Medicaid, or do you know someone who has Medicaid? If so, understanding the process for Medicaid Redeterminations is crucial, in order to maintain one’s Medicaid coverage.
Illinois Medicaid has started to renew benefits for the first time in 3 years, since the pandemic began!
In order to ensure ongoing coverage, Medicaid beneficiaries will have to do the following:

    •    Update your address!
    ◦    Online:
    ◦    Phone: 877-805-5312
    •    Check your mail!
    •    Complete the application and return it!

People who only receive Social Security benefits will be automatically renewed and sent a notice of their renewal, but others will have to complete a household specific form to renew benefits over the course of the year.

Here is how CCHCC can help:
CCHCC can help Medicaid beneficiaries in several different ways. We can help clients:
    •    Complete paper applications;
    •    Create accounts to complete renewals online;
    •    Update addresses online (having a current address is crucial!);
    •    Find their renewal dates; and,
    •    Submit by fax or online additional documentation as requested by DHS.

About the timeline for Redeterminations:
The Department of Human Services has already started sending out redetermination paperwork. Redeterminations will take place over a 12 month period. Not everyone will need to renew immediately. However, being aware of your own timeline for Redetermination is important, so that you do not lose coverage.

And this is key: Individuals with Medicaid coverage will have 3 months after the Redetermination due date to submit their Redetermination without having to submit a whole new application!

Redetermination paperwork has started to go out as of 5/1/23.

    •    DHS will be renewing over the course of 12 months (not everyone will have to renew right now).
    •    Coverage will be terminated after midway through the month it was due.
    •    Clients will have 3 months after due date to submit redetermination without submitting a whole new application.

Please see the chart below for information on timelines, based on the due date for Redeterminations.

The IL Department of Human Services in Champaign has moved!
The IL Department of Human Services’ “Family Community Resource Center” has moved from its previous location.
The new address is: 206 W Anthony Drive, Champaign, IL 61822-1218.
The phone number is: 217-278-5605.
The Fax number is: 217-278-5661.
And TTY is: 866-451-5784.
To report any changes to your caseworker, you can call the phone above, or you can call the DHS Toll Free Helpline at 1-800-843-6154.
CCHCC is here to help!
If you need help with Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), Medicare, prescription help, help applying for disability, or help accessing health care services, CCHCC is here!
You can email us at, or call and leave a message at 217-352-6533.


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