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New mental/behavioral healthcare options available at Promise Healthcare

May 20, 2024

Please see the information below to learn more about mental health and behavioral health services now available at Promise Healthcare.
Promise Healthcare’s psychiatric providers can see patients as young as 5 years of age, and up. Promise Healthcare’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners can provide medication prescribing, management, and monitoring.
In many cases, same day appointments are available, including for psychiatry.

Promise Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Programs
Information provided by Promise Healthcare’s Director of Behavior Health Services, Jim Hamilton.

Anyone can call Promise Healthcare at 217-403-5433 – if they receive a voicemail, leaving a message is best and the call is returned within 24 hours. It the need is urgent – call Promise’s main number at 217-356-1558.

•    The Mental Health Wellness group with Promise Healthcare is here to provide services to anyone with mental health and/or behavioral health needs.
•    Same-day appointments are frequently available and typically appointments can be scheduled within 48 hours. Some same day appointments are available.
•    On our team, we have psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who provide medication prescribing, management, and monitoring.
•    Our psychiatric providers see patients ages 5 and up.
•    Our psychiatric providers treat depression and anxiety, behavior and conduct, attention and concentration, trauma, psychosis, and other mental health-related concerns.
•    Our mental health counselors are Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, and Licensed Professional Counselors.  Along with the mental health-related concerns treated by our psychiatric providers,  our counselors also can help with stress reduction, family therapy, and relationship counseling.
•    We offer case management services to help with transportation issues, coordination of care, linkage to medication assistance, linkage to health coverage assistance, and linkage to local agencies that can assist with housing, food, and utility assistance.
•    All our providers practice patient-centered care, trauma-informed care,  and LGBTQ+-informed care. At Promise Healthcare our patients are a part of the care team.
Please help share this information far and wide, so that individuals who are in need of mental and behavioral healthcare, including mental health prescriptions, can get the timely healthcare they need.

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