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Sale of Champaign County Nursing Home – but who will really own it?

October 30, 2018

Dear friend,

Who will really own the Champaign County Nursing Home (CCNH) after the County Board voted to sell it? Have you ever heard of Atied Associates, LLC?  Did you know that Atied Associates, LLC owns a bunch of nursing homes in IL that are rated as having below average or much below average staffing levels?

As it turns out, CCHCC has uncovered the fact that Atied Associates, LLC will be a 50% owner of CCNH, along with William “Avi” Rothner, if the sale of CCNH is approved by the state.

CCHCC held a press conference yesterday to inform the community about this development in the sale of the CCNH. Please see below for more information about what we uncovered and to see the media coverage from yesterday.

CCHCC’s Statement of Opposition on the sale of the CCNH
CCHCC submitted this statement of opposition to the IL Health Facilities and Services Review Board.

CCHCC found out that the companies approved by the County Board will NOT be the ones to whom the CCNH is to be sold
The Purchase Agreement signed by Champaign County is with a company called Altitude Acquisitions, and it was formed in June 2018. According to the purchasers of the CCNH, Altitude Acquisitions is a “placeholder” company that will “go away”. Once that company goes away, two companies – University Rehab Real Estate, LLC and University Rehabilitation Center of CU, LLC – will own the CCNH. But these two companies were created in August 2018 and are co-owned by William “Avi” Rothner and Atied Associates, LLC. Who are these companies and who will be held accountable if the terms of the Purchase Agreement are not honored?

Press coverage from CCHCC press conference on 10/29/18
The News-Gazette



FOX Champaign

Stay tuned for more update
CCHCC will keep you updated on further developments regarding the sale of the CCNH.

Thank you for your involvement and your support.

Champaign County Health Care Consumers