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Lots of reasons to oppose sale of CCNH to this buyer. Take Action TODAY!

The sale of the Champaign County Nursing Home (CCNH) is imminent. The Champaign County Board will be meeting TONIGHT – Thursday, May 24 at 6:30 p.m. – and will be voting on the sale of the CCNH. We need supporters of CCNH to take action TODAY to oppose the sale of CCNH at this point in time, to this bidder.

Altitude Health and Extended Care Clinical, LLC, together, are the sole bidder for purchasing the county’s nursing home. These companies are owned by members of the Rothner family, who have extensive ownership in nursing homes in multiple states.

Here is some press coverage from yesterday’s press conference:

We have new reports on quality of care, and also a new report from an independent national expert! Also, we have updates on the property tax question. Please scroll through this message to find what you are looking for.

We urge you to:
* Review the research that CCHCC has compiled on these companies, which are owned by members of the Rothner family, and on nursing homes owned by the Rothners. You can see the research here:

  1. NEW: IDPH Nursing Home Violations of Rothner-owned homes 2008-2018:
  2. News and other reports of Rothner-owned homes in multiple states, including Rothner homes that were shut down, or denied Medicare and Medicaid payments for quality of care violations:

* Review the report by independent national expert in healthcare valuation, James Unland (see below); and,

* Contact your County Board members by phone or e-mail and let them know you oppose the sale of the CCNH to this buyer.

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