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Campaign for Access to EC

The Campaign for Access to Emergency Contraception is a group of students, organizations, community members, and health care providers who work for greater access to and awareness of emergency contraception (EC). Click here to learn more about EC.

EC CampaignThis Campaign began in May of 2004 and has fought for greater access to EC at the local, state, and federal level. Some of our work includes educating the community and providers about the availability and means of obtaining EC, fighting for statewide legislation allowing pharmacists to dispense EC without a prescription, providing support for and education about the Illinois Governor’s rules on access to contraception at the pharmacy, and mobilizing Illinois women in support of FDA approval of EC over-the-counter. Campaign activities include education and outreach efforts, support of state-level contraception access protections, community meetings, rallies, and press conferences, EC Giveaways, and action alerts.

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