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Dialysis Group Accomplishments

April 4, 2005

Champaign-Urbana Clinical and Consumer Dialysis Group


The Dialysis Group has been meeting since August2004. Below is a list of the changes and improvements that have been made as a result of the Dialysis Group.

1. Lighting in the Unit

Problem: Patients reported that overhead lighting in the Unit was too bright and there was too much glare.
Solution: New lighting fixtures were installed to reduce the brightness and glare.

2. Ventilation in Bathrooms (and Unit)

Problem:Patients reported poor ventilation in the bathrooms. This was an ongoing problem.
Solution: As a result of patients’ reports, Fox Development discovered that fan at the top of the building, used to ventilate entire building, was not working. Fan was fixed. Ventilation improved for entire Medical Office Building.

3. Continuous Rug Runners in the Lobby /Slippery Floors

Problem: Slippery floors in the Lobby were a hazard.
Solution:Install continuous rug runners.

4. Ramp at Entrance to Unit

Problem:Patients and caregivers reporting that ramp was too steep, or too difficult.
Solution:New ramp was built.

5. Door to Treatment Room

Problem:Door to treatment room would not stay open; there was no delay on the door once it was opened. It was hard for patients to get themselves into the unit, along with all of their belongings. Staff had to hold door open, and this was difficult if they were also trying to assist a patient into the treatment room.
Solution:Fox Development adjusted the tension on the door. Now, once it is opened, there is a delay before the door begins to close, and that gives patients and staff time to enter treatment room without also having to hold door open.

6. Blood Pressure Cuffs

Problem:Blood pressure cuffs in disrepair; not getting good readings.
Solution:Purchase new blood pressure cuffs in a variety of sizes.

7. Tape for Patients

Problem:Patients not being provided with different kinds of tape; limited supply of kinds of tape available;patients not given reasonable accommodation with this medical supply. Patients having to bring in their own tape.
Solution:Unit makes more kinds of tape available and is able to provide reasonable accommodation for patients with special needs.

8. Patients Feeling Cold During Dialysis

Problem:There are several reasons why patients feel cold during dialysis. One is the Heating and Ventilation System and the temperature settings, and just the fact of air blowing. But another has to do with the temperature setting on the dialysis machines.
Solution:This issue is still being addressed, but a couple of solutions have been determined:

A. Staff and patients are to make sure that the temperature settings on the machines are appropriate for the individual patients. The machine does not re-set itself to normal or typical values, and if a prior patient required a different setting and the machine is not re-set for the next patient, then the next patient may feel too cold or too warm. This is a staff and patient education issue.

B.Temperature controls in the Treatment Room can be adjusted within a range. Management (Carol Bielecki) emphasized that the temperature in the Treatment Room needs to be adjusted for patient comfort. If a patient feels cold,he or she should ask a staff member to check the temperature dial, and if it can be turned higher, it should be turned higher.

9. Patients having to bring their own blankets; no blankets provided by unit.

Problem:When the Dialysis unit was located inside Provena Covenant hospital, the unit provided blankets for the patients and patients did not have to bring their own blankets. Before the unit was moved to its current location, the unit stopped providing patients with blankets, and patients had to bring their own blankets. This was a hardship on patients because they had to carry a lot of baggage into the unit in order to bring their blankets. In addition, patients then also had more of a burden because they had to launder their blankets. Patients having to bring their own blankets is a cause for public health concern because there is no guarantee of the cleanliness of the blankets that get brought in to the unit, and many patients also use public transportation and were carrying bloody blankets in cabs and on the bus.
Solution:The Dialysis Center has contracted with a linen service to provide blankets to the patients. The blankets are for use during dialysis treatment, to help keep patients warm. The blankets are not to be taken home by patients. The linen service launders the blankets and makes sure there is an adequate supply of blankets for the patients. Patients no longer have to bring their own blankets to the unit, unless they prefer to do so.

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