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Health Reform: Senate Bill Fact Sheet

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the current health reform legislation passed by the Senate, is a real opportunity for health reform in America.  Now is truly is a moment of historic significance: Both chambers of our Congress have passed health reform bills (yes, they are full of compromises, and not health reform as we would have designed it, but they would both make concrete improvements in people’s lives). It took a 60 vote super majority to pass the Senate bill. That majority no longer exists, so the most expedient way forward is to use the budget reconciliation process to “fix” some of the more problematic aspects of the Senate bill, and then to have the House to pass the Senate’s version of health reform. Although imperfect, there are many important and helpful elements in the Senate bill. Read the Senate bill fact sheet for more information on how the Senate bill will help real Americans. 

Senate Bill

Click here to download the Senate bill Fact Sheet (PDF).

The Senate bill will help you if… 

  • You live in Illinois
  • You have insurance
  • You are uninsured
  • You have Medicare
  • You are a small business owner or worker

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