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Local Points of Access for Emergency Contraception


Nearly all Champaign-Urbana pharmacies carry EC. Women 18 years of age and older can go into the pharmacy and purchase ECover-the-counter directly from a pharmacist. Men 18 years of age and older can also get EC over-the-counter. Women 17 years and younger must obtain a prescription for EC and can then get it filled at a pharmacy. Prices range from approximately $30 to $45 dollars.

Planned Parenthood of East Central Illinois

302 E. Stoughton, Champaign, IL 61820 – (217) 359-8022

Women of any age can get EC from Planned Parenthood, almost always on the same day. No appointment is needed. Price is approximately $32.

McKinley Health Center

1109 S. Lincoln, Urbana, IL 61801 – (217) 333-2701

University of Illinois students may obtain EC from McKinley Health Center. Women can get EC for free once per semester if they visit a practitioner. If a patient chooses not to visit a practitioner, or has already received EC for free once that semester, she can get EC directly from the McKinley pharmacy for $30.

Urbana School Based Health Center

1002 S. Race, Urbana, IL 61801 – (217) 239-4220

Urbana School students can get a prescription for EC from the Health Center. The cost of services is based on a sliding scale and then the student must pay to get the prescription filled. 

Download this handout as a PDF here. 

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