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Occupy CU

Thank you to those of you who joined CCHCC at the Occupy CU event this past Saturday!

CCHCC participated in the Occupy CU event as part of our Campaign for the American Dream, because a major focus of the Campaign for the American Dream is income security for everyone — that includes protecting Social Security, Veteran’s Benefits, job creation and liveable wages, and a fair tax system, among other priorities.

The Occupy CU march and rally was a success, with over 250 people marching, and over 350 people in attendance.

One of the speakers was a CCHCC activist, Jim Bean, who is one of the original organizers of Saturday’s event. To see Jim’s rally speech, click here.

Much of Jim’s speech focused on supporting a list of demands that CCHCC developed in solidarity with Occupy CU — these demands make sure to put people before profits:

1. Break up the monopolies of the “Too Big to Fail” financial companies.
2. Make them pay for their own bailouts. Tax Wall Street speculation.
3. Prohibit the use of public money for private lobbying.
4. Tax hedge-fund gamblers. Repeal the carried-interest tax break.
5. Campaign finance reform.

To see concrete information about these demands, please click here.

CL CCHCC’s Executive Director, Claudia Lennhoff, also spoke at the Occupy CU rally. She focused her remarks on the need to educate ourselves about the economic myths being perpetrated, and the need for organized, sustained, disciplined collective action to bring about the changes that are needed in our country.

To see Claudia’s speech, please click here.

To see photos or video from the Occupy CU event, you can click here.

Photo by Kevin McGuire


CCHCC will continue to work to build our Campaign for the American Dream, in coordination with the nationwide campaign.

Please stay tuned for calls to action as we will need to be contacting our legislators and the President about a number of legislative issues coming up:

– The failed Jobs Act (which may get broken into smaller bills);
– The need to keep Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Medicare and
Medicaid off the chopping block;
– New legislation by Sen. Bernie Sanders that would address some of the
economic issues being raised by the Occupy protests.

Thank you for your support!

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