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Disability Rights Task Force

The Disability Rights Task Force was formed in 2004 with the goal of improving the quality of health care available to people with disabilities in the Champaign County community.

DRTF is led by community members with disabilities who are working to educate the community and health care providers about the need for proper training among medical personnel to work with people with disabilities, as well the need for accessible medical equipment and accessible architecture and environment (going beyond ADA requirements). Ultimately, the Task Force hopes to see all health care facilities in our community become fully accessible while being committed to, and capable of providing “patient-centered” care.

DRTF is a resource for health care providers who are seeking to improve health care services for people with disabilities. DRTF is available to assist health care providers with the following:

  • Training of staff on working with people with disabilities;
  • Consultation on remodeling or new construction for greater accessibility of facility; and,
  • Consultation on, and informational resources for purchasing accessible medical equipment (such as exam tables, scales, etc.).

The Disability Rights Task Force (DRTF) is a task force of the Champaign County Health Care Consumers (CCHCC). CCHCC is a grassroots citizen action organization that is dedicated to health care for all, and organizes affected consumers to have a voice in the health care system.

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