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Ten days left to enroll in Marketplace health insurance!

Open Enrollment til Jan 15!

January 5, 2022

Did you know that the Biden Administration extended the Open Enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace plans to January 15, 2022?

This is great news for individuals and families who still need to sign up for health insurance for this new year, and CCHCC is here to help!

About the ACA Marketplace – private health insurance plans AND subsidies to make plans more affordable: The Affordable Care Act created the Marketplace, where individuals and families can go to purchase private health insurance plans, and qualify for financial assistance to lower the costs of the health insurance plans. But the ACA Marketplace has an Open Enrollment period during which to purchase the Marketplace plans and qualify for subsidies. Fortunately, this Open Enrollment period has been extended until January 15!

To learn more about the ACA Marketplace Open Enrollment, please visit our Marketplace Open Enrollment Center.

You can also view CCHCC’s powerpoint slides presentation on the ACA Marketplace.

Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Marketplace plans: The ACA Marketplace does allow for enrollment in health insurance plans outside of the Open Enrollment period, but only under certain conditions.


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