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Why we’re in DC on my birthday

It’s my birthday, and five of us CCHCC staff members rented a mini-van, and hit the road for a 12-hour drive to Washington, DC. This isn’t a vacation for my birthday – we are traveling for an important meeting and conference.

CCHCC is a small non-profit without a lot of resources, so we’re doing this on the cheap. To save money, we don’t fly – we drive. And we will cramp ourselves into a hotel room for several days, and we will spend our days learning as much as we can, attending workshops and meetings. And when the conference is over, we’ll get back into the rented mini-van and make the 12-hour trip back to Champaign, and get back to work – exhausted, but energized and strengthened with the new knowledge and tools that we gain from coming to DC.

My birthday and CCHCC anniversary wish
Once again, as I have for so many of my birthdays over the past 20+ years, I won’t be at home; I’ll be traveling and attending the Families USA Health Action conference in DC.

You can help me celebrate my 53rd birthday and my 22 year anniversary of working at CCHCC by making a contribution to CCHCC to help cover our expenses for this important trip, and to support our work in our community. DONATE NOW.

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