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Latest CCHCC Health Care Fact Chat wth Claudia Lennhoff and Adani Sanchez

#9 - Health Care Fact Chat: Act Now on Graham-Cassidy Bill

Health Care Fact Chat

New CCHCC Video Series: Health Care Fact Chat!

In order to provide information on various topics related to the attacks on the ACA and Medicaid, CCHCC has launched a new video series called Health Care Fact Chat, where we will discuss one topic at a time. Here are the first four Fact Chats:

#1 - CCHCC Health Care Fact Chat: Medicaid Cuts in the AHCA

#2 - CCHCC Health Care Fact Chat: CBO Score of the Amended AHCA

#3 - Health Care Fact Chat: The Senate's Health Care Bill (surprise - it's the AHCA!)

#4 - Health Care Fact Chat: The Senate's Devastating Health Care Bill Revealed

#5 - Health Care Fact Chat #5: Rebuttal to Rep. Davisí CNN Interview

#6 - Health Care Fact Chat: Senate Health Care Showdown

†#7 - Health Care Fact Chat: ACA Repeal: Where We Stand

#8 - Health Care Fact Chat: ACA:Uncertainty & Sabotage

What you can do to help save the Champaign County Nursing Home!

The Champaign County Nursing Home (CCNH) is an important community health asset, but it is in financial distress largely as a result of the State of Illinois' failures to make Medicaid payments.

CCHCC believes that we, as a community, should work to save the Champaign County Nursing Home. Selling this important public health care asset to a for-profit corporation would be a tremendous loss to our community, and there are many reasons to fear a decline in quality of care. To learn more about CCHCC's position on the Champaign County Nursing Home, and why we supported a property tax increase and opposed the referendum to sell or dispose of the CCNH, please see our action alert from March of this year:

Add your name to our petition calling on the State of Illinois to improve its Medicaid application and payment process. With your help, we can build enough public pressure to make the State of Illinois more responsive to the CCNH.

2017 CCHCC Annual Awards Dinner

Awards DinnerChampaign County Health Care Consumers (CCHCC) celebrated 40 years of organizing for health care access and justice at our 2017 Annual Awards Dinner on Friday, April 28, 2017.

This year marks CCHCC's 40th Anniversary (1977 - 2017) of community organizing for health care access and justice! With nearly 200 people in attendance, the Dinner was a great success and a wonderful time. Click here to see the recap, photos, videos, and the slideshow.